Lunch clubs help older people across the city make long lasting friendships, share good food, and enjoy interesting activities. They are friendly and supportive groups mostly run by volunteers with a desire to give something back to their local community

The Council's Lunch Club Fund provides small grants for clubs across the city that help older people avoid loneliness and isolation. The Fund is currently in the second year of running two year grant funding agreements. The grants to clubs vary in size but concentrate on three main areas of support: rent, member transport; and some general running costs such as volunteer expenses and sundries.

In 2017-18, 51 lunch clubs received a grant which helped 1,555 lunch club members attend a total of 2,316 lunches across the city. The annual report illustrates the benefit of the fund and its contribution to the city.

In addition to small grants for lunch clubs, part of the Lunch Club Fund budget is set aside for a development support grant. In 2017-18 Voluntary Action Sheffield provided the Lunch Club Development Service with this grant, which offered support to any club in the city on a range of things from budgeting, volunteer recruitment, adult safeguarding, food hygiene, health and safety, and organisational development.

Voluntary Action Sheffield have produced an annual report to feed back on the support they provided in the past year.

Join a lunch club

If you are interested in joining a lunch club, or want to request further information, please see Voluntary Action Sheffield's Lunch Club Referral Service.

If you are interested in joining a lunch club, you can find out more about the different clubs, where they are, when they meet and what they charge, from our Lunch Clubs Directory.   

Find a lunch club near you

Each map icon displays the lunch club's name, address and a link to more information like when the club meets, the cost of a meal, and how to get there. 

Volunteer at a lunch club

The majority of lunch clubs are run by volunteers and there are lots of opportunities to get involved.  Whatever your gift or talent it probably can be used at a lunch club!

Typically, volunteers help with:

  • cooking and serving meals
  • bookkeeping and finances
  • organising and general administration
  • transporting members
  • helping new people settle in and putting everyone at ease to help them have a good time
  • activities and fundraising

If you enjoy the company of older people and are looking for a useful way to spend a few hours a week, why not volunteer to help at a lunch club? Contact us to find out more!

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