We are looking for certain skills and qualities in our foster carers. We ask our carers to look after vulnerable children who need a caring place to stay. This is assessed through a process that involves training and background checks.

There are different types of fostering that can fit around what time you can offer to look after a child, different ages of children and how long a child can stay with you.

Fostering information evenings

We run fostering information evenings throughout the year so that you have the opportunity to get more information on what it’s like to be a foster carer, to meet foster carers and ask any questions you may have.

These meetings are held at the Quaker Meeting House in Sheffield from 5.45pm until 8pm on:

  • Wednesday 6th September 2017
  • Wednesday 11th October 2017
  • Tuesday 21st November 2017

If you would like to attend please contact us before the evening. 

Looking after any child involves juggling a number of responsibilities. As a foster carer we ask you to take on a lot and a good foster carer will need to have certain skills and qualities.

Skills & qualities of a good foster carer

Accept different children

You need to be able to accept children and their families whatever the backgrounds they may come from and the different abilities they have. Every child is an individual and needs to be respected, while having their individual needs met.

Set ground rules

You will need to be firm and know how to set ground rules, but have some flexibility with these. Patience is essential, as is a good sense of humour to manage the day-to-day things that children do!

Put a child at ease & have fun

Feeling comfortable with children is obviously key. Could you help put a child at ease and make them feel a part of your family?

Social and family life should be fun! We want foster carers to take children on days out and give them great experiences they might not have had before.

Be sensitive & develop trust

You will be someone who is sensitive to children and can help them to open up to an adult and develop trust. You might meet some children who may have challenging behaviour. Foster carers see children as individuals, seeing beyond behaviour and looking at the child within.

Focus on milestones

Foster carers know that the children they care for may reach milestones at different times to other children of a similar age. It is important that foster carers give positive support in helping them to achieve those milestones.

Be discreet

As a foster carer you would be given confidential information about children. It is very important that you are discreet and understanding.

Fostering stories

You can download and see some of our foster carer's and foster children's stories and see how their experiences have gone. 

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