Our Building Successful Families (BSF) Programme supports families with multiple and complex needs. It is our local response to the The National Troubled Families Programme, which is an ambitious 5 year programme (2015-2020) to help families make significant and sustainable change that improves their lives. BSF is part of the way our Early Help services support families and is primarily delivered by our Multi-Agency Support Teams (MASTs). However, meeting the criteria for the programme doesn’t mean families receive a different service: families that need support will be supported the same way regardless of their needs.

All families needing support will have:

  • a whole family keyworker
  • a whole family action plan
  • a whole family assessment
  • a whole family review process

Our Troubled Families Outcome Plan (TFOP) goes into more detail about what the programme criteria look like for families in Sheffield. You can view and download our TFOP.

  • Sheffield Troubled Families Outcome Plan - Families Partners (September 2017)

How we will measure success

The Troubled Families Programme uses Payment by Results to provide Local Authorities with funding to deliver their Early Help services. We have been asked to work with at least 5,360 families by 2020 in this way: we can also receive Payment by Results funding for success for that many families. 

If successful we will see families who are: 

  • more resilient to deal with crises (fewer referrals to key agencies)
  • better able to retain tenancies (fewer evictions and house moves)
  • able to acknowledge importance of and engage with the early years and education system (increase in attendance, reduction in exclusions, children who are school ready)
  • able to engage in employment (reduction in out of work benefit costs)
  • better neighbours and community citizens (reduction in low level ASB/crime)
  • able to act appropriately to ensure their own safety and that of children living with them (increase in appropriate reporting of Domestic Violence/Abuse)

Ultimately we will see children, young people and families who have stable home environments, are healthy, safe from harm and have aspirations for their future.

Up until the end of March 2017, we had made 1,128 Payment by Results claims and worked with at least 2,990 families.

We are committed to delivering excellent services and commission evaluations to help us to do this. You can view and download the external evaluation of our BSF programme. 

Working with families

When we work with families we need to gather information from our partners about everyone in the family to help us understand your needs and make sure you get the best service possible. Sometimes we have to report some of your information, such as your name or date of birth, to our funders.

For more information on how we manage your data and information, please have a look at our Privacy Notice. 

Building Successful Families