The support is provided by Families Adopters and Carers Team (FACT). FACT can support you by offering:

  • help and advice over the phone or in person
  • entitlements for every adopter
  • a dedicated and secure area
  • invitations to events
  • support groups
  • 'Closer in Play - a half day introductory training session on 'theraplay' techniques to promote attachment
  • Multi-Agency Psychological Services advice line (MAPS)
  • membership for 'Adoption UK' for one year post Adoption Order
  • every school-aged child is eligible for priority in applying for a school place and the 'Pupil Premium'

Lifestory work

We recognise that at different points in their childhood, your children may want more information and support around understanding their birth family history. 

Crisis intervention & other services

Including Families Together, Multi Agency Support Team, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Chrysalis.

Assessment of financial support needs

Including the payment of an adoption allowance.

Young people's group

We plan to run a group for 11 to 15 year old children “The Inbetweeners Group”. It will be organised in conjunction with Chrysalis.

Working with you, your children & their family of origin

We also provide:

  • Letterbox Service which is a confidential service to facilitate the exchange of letters between adopters and birth families
  • help and advice about contact between your children and their birth families
  • Birth Background Checks – we provide initial information to adopted adults living in Sheffield who wish to have information about their families of origin
  • the Council which places your child is responsible for meeting your support needs during the first 3 years' post Adoption Order
  • after this time we are responsible if you live within the city. All adopters are welcome to access the support groups at any time

Adoption Enquiries