Upcoming meetings 2019

  • 17 June 2019 - 3pm to 5pm at Learn Sheffield, Lees Hall Road
  • 17 September 2019 - 3pm to 5pm at Learn Sheffield, Lees Hall Road
  • 17 December 2019 - 3pm to 5pm at Learn Sheffield, Lees Hall Road

The Schools Forum is a public meeting, which means that non-members are welcome to attend as observers.

The Forum is a statutory body that provides a formal channel of communication between ourselves and Sheffield schools. It also serves as a mechanism for consultation on school funding.

There are 3 types of Forum member: school member, non-school member and other attendees. Membership is fully representative and proportionate of different school sectors. Non-school membership includes:

  • early years private, voluntary and independent sector 
  • Learn Sheffield
  • the 14-19 sector
  • faith schools
  • trade unions

Other attendees include representation from ourselves, including the Cabinet Member for Education. Details of current Forum members, including which sector they represent are available to view and download. 

Schools Forum current meeting papers

The agenda and papers for the Schools Forum meeting on 17 June 2019 are available to download. Papers from previous Schools Forum meetings are available for download in the archive.

Archived Schools Forum papers

National Funding Formula


Local Authorities have been encouraged to work towards full implementation of the National Funding Formula (NFF) and given the transitional phase this year, for the first time in Sheffield the Forum issued indicative figures for 2019/20 and 2020/21.

The first iteration of these projections was produced in December 2017 based on information and policy guidance available at that time and these were followed by the final individual school budgets for 2018/19 which were agreed at the February 2018 Schools Forum.

The fundamental issue for us as a city remains that we don’t receive a fair funding allocation for our schools. A historically low funding settlement from the Government, coupled with funding which has not met the increasing costs schools have faced, means our schools are struggling to manage their budgets. 

We have raised these issues nationally and will continue to lobby the government to seek and secure a fair funding settlement for Sheffield and its pupils. For these very reasons, the Schools Forum determined that a soft transition was the best way forward at this stage. This will continue to be reviewed through the Schools Forum when preparing the 2019/20 budget allocation through the formula. 

Latest information can be found in the Forum meeting papers on this site.

DfE Consultation

In March 2016 the Department for Education (DfE) sought views on proposals to introduce a national funding formula for schools. The consultation set plans to deliver a fair, transparent funding system where the amount of funding schools receive is based on the needs of their pupils and is consistent across the country.

Stage one

Stage one was closed in April 2016 and sought views on:

  • the principles that underpin the formula
  • the pupil characteristics and school factors we include in the formula
  • the overall funding system

Stage two

This stage focused on the detailed design of the Schools and High Needs blocks and closed on 22 March 2017. 

In partnership with the Sheffield Schools Forum and Learn Sheffield, we collectively responded to both stages of the consultation.

Forum working groups

These are set up when a particular issue/work stream requires more attention than can be given at regular meetings and includes wider representation than the Forum membership. Their role is to provide advice and outline decisions for the Forum to consider.

Current working groups include:

  • Early Years Working Group
  • Funding Formula Review Working Group
  • School Improvement Working Group