We advise, support and coordinate education services for children and young people aged 2 to 18 years old who are currently, or have previously been, in our care eg adopted children.  We do this through the Sheffield Virtual School.

Please contact us if you need help, advice or support for any of our children who are placed with you. You can also contact us for children who were previously in our care or for children who are in the care of another local authority, but are living in Sheffield.

Please do not send case sensitive information by email to us.

The role of the Sheffield Virtual School Head

The Head of Sheffield Virtual School is Pam Smith.  Her responsibilities are to:

  • promote the attainment and achievement of all children in our care
  • make sure every child in care has a Personal Education Plan (PEP)
  • ensure a smooth transition between phases eg early years, school age and post 16
  • manage the distribute the DfE Pupil Premium Grant for Children Looked After (CLA)
  • commission specific projects and initiatives aimed at promoting the education of CLA
  • provide training to key professionals around how to support and enhance the educational progress of a CLA
  • provide advice for professionals and carers

Pupil Premium Grant for CLA

The Grant is managed and distributed by the Virtual School Head. The Pupil Premium policy outlines how the grant is distributed to schools. Schools can apply for additional pupil premium funding in addition to the fixed amount they receive per child placed with them.

Examples of projects funded from the Pupil Premium Grant for CLA

  • Attachment training for Sheffield schools
  • Sheffield Attachment Toolkit
  • Building Learning Power – joint initiative with the University of Sheffield to promote attainment at Key stage 2
  • Letterbox Club (Book trust.org) – initiative aimed at promoting the love of reading through providing activity parcels which include reading books, maths activities and educational games to children in Y3, Y5 and Year 7

Training & events

We offer training packages to designated teachers, social workers, carers, independent reviewing officers and school governors.  Full details of our training and networking events can be found in our training booklet.

If you require any bespoke training to support whole school training events or staff meetings, please contact us.