The ECM Survey was first launched in Sheffield 11 years ago. Over this period, we have consulted with around 53,000 children and young people.

The survey is a useful way of gathering insight into the views, behaviours and expectations of our children and young people. Anonymous questionnaires are completed online in school by children and young people in Y2, Y5, Y7 and Y10. They cover a variety of topics including health, safety, school, spare time activities, aspirations and more.

We are pleased to say that most schools have chosen to take part at some point over the last 11 years with many now getting involved every year.

Why the ECM Survey is popular with schools

Schools tell us they find the survey very worthwhile. Benefits of taking part include:

  • it’s free
  • the children and young people tell us they enjoy doing the survey
  • we provide schools with an easy-to-read confidential summary report of their students’ results
  • we can support students to complete the surveys if required
  • it is an effective way of capturing pupils’ views and the data can be used to inform development work in school and used as evidence of pupil voice for Ofsted inspections
  • when all schools have completed their surveys, we send them the overall data so they can compare their school results with the city average
  • we offer a £100 project grant to school councils to take forward something discovered through the findings

What schools say about ECM

“The survey provides us with an insight into the children’s opinions and experiences. It enables us to create bespoke sessions to address issues raised. Long may it continue!" - Headteacher, Emmanuel Junior Academy

“The survey helps us to inform our action plan for health and wellbeing. From this we have been able to target year groups and parents with specific workshops and send out information with our newsletter.” - Assistant Headteacher, Watercliffe Meadow Primary School

“The ECM Survey has provided a valuable tool for our school to collect the views, feelings and experiences of our children in a wide range of important areas. It has helped us in planning our safeguarding focus through the year and has provided excellent evidence to share with families, governors and Ofsted. Our thanks go to the team for enabling us to be included in this excellent initiative.” - Helen Stokes, Headteacher, Waterthorpe NI School

“The ECM Survey is quick and easy to use. Over the past 5 years, the summary data (collated by the LA) has provided a very useful insight into pupils' views about the various aspects of school, home and the local area. The analysis is not only very useful evidence for supporting SEF judgements but also informs future school improvement priorities.” - Coit and Ecclesfield Headteacher

ECM Survey content

The question topics are contributed by:

  • our services (including Public Health)
  • South Yorkshire Police
  • South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
  • voluntary sector organisations
  • schools

The question topics included:

  • health, for example diet, exercise, dental health, emotional health and wellbeing, sleep
  • body image
  • friendships
  • school
  • road safety
  • online safety
  • fire safety & First Aid
  • experiences of young carers
  • spare time activities
  • and more...

We review questions annually to make sure they are kept up-to-date and are relevant and useful. We take into account feedback from schools and children and young people when reviewing the questionnaires.