Good communication skills underpin children’s social and emotional development, and their ability to control their behaviour.

ESCAL: Family Time

Family Time events have been designed to give you ideas of how to support your children’s language and literacy in the home, giving opportunities to spend time together.

The National Literacy Trust has some top tips for new parents and families. If you are a new parent you can also download our ‘Top Tips for New Parents’ document that has some helpful suggestions.

Literacy in the home award

In Sheffield we want to recognise those parents and carers who support their child’s learning and development in the home through the Literacy in the Home Award.

For information on what you need to work towards to obtain this award please download our ‘Literacy in the Home Award’ document.

Speech and language tracker

Our tracker is designed to help teachers monitor the speech and language development of children who show signs of delay. It helps in making decisions with referral for additional support and is a useful framework for discussion with parents.

If you would like to use our tracker please download our ‘ESCAL Speech, Language and Communication Tracker’.