'Poverty is invisible' - people often don't recognise the impact it has or their potential to do something about it. The Children & Young People's Plan and the Child & Household Poverty Strategy commit us to:

  1. Achieve a change of culture to ensure that tackling poverty and inequality is at the heart of all we do.
  2. Improve awareness and understanding of child poverty in order to mobilise staff across our partnership to take action to tackle it.

Training modules

The 5 modules are designed so that they can be taken in various combinations depending on individuals' skills, interests and job roles.

These modules are available free of charge for people to use within their organisations and/or in multi-agency training in whatever way is felt to be most appropriate. You can download them here or complete them on the Development Hub.

They can be delivered as face-to-face training individually or as a whole.

They can also be adapted: you might want to add to them to make them more specific to your own organisation, or you might want to break them up and integrate elements of the training into existing courses, staff development days or team meetings.

If you are delivering more than one module, or are delivering one module to people who will then be accessing other modules at a later date, it would be useful for you to familiarise yourself with all five modules if possible.

This is because some people may have questions or want to know more about a topic, which is covered in more detail in another module.

Each module has 2 versions - one for practitioners and one for managers.


Module 1: an overview of child poverty in Sheffield & how to tackle it

Module 2: identifying & approaching child poverty

Module 3: financial support

Module 4: employment and skills

Module 5: communities, housing & health


We have developed a toolkit with 5 tools to support people and organisations in implementing the learning from the training.

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