Learning Destinations are places where children and young people can go to take part in fun and exciting learning activities outside of school hours. By taking part they’ll earn credits, leading to an award certificate.

You’ll find a wide range of Learning Destinations in Sheffield on the Children’s University website.

You can get a Passport to Learning to record your credits from Sheffield Libraries and some Learning Destinations.

Become a Children’s University Learning Destination

Over 37,000 children and young people in Sheffield are taking part in clubs and extra-curricular activities in both schools and organisations like yours.

The children have a Passport to Learning and collect learning credits that lead to a Children’s University Award Certificate.

You can become a Learning Destination if your organisation or group meets the Children’s University (CU) criteria.


  • your activities are outside of school time and the children’s participation is voluntary
  • you have a structured programme of activities (and learning objectives can be identified within them), not ‘free play’
  • your group or organisation has various policies, procedures and checks in place (outlined in the Learning Destination Registration Form)


  • being a Learning Destination shows you meet quality criteria
  • promote your organisation and activities widely through our regular newsletters and events
  • external accreditation for your members for participating in your activities
  • access specific funding to deliver activities on behalf of Sheffield CU (where available)

Cost and applications

There’s no charge for becoming a Learning Destination.

Fill in and return the Learning Destination Registration Form.

What happens next

  • we’ll arrange to come out and meet you, see some of your activities and talk to you about your organisation
  • we’ll work through a national CU Trust framework (the CU Planning for Learning criteria). This visit normally lasts no longer than an hour and is your validation as a Learning Destination
  • once you’re validated we’ll issue you with a Learning Destination poster and sticker to display in a prominent place. We’ll also give you the Passport to Learning logo to use on your publicity material

What you need to do as a Learning Destination

Once you’re validated as a Learning Destination you can begin to award credits to your members for attending your activities (one per hour). The credits are recorded in the children’s Passport to Learning.

Passport to Learning

  • check that the consent sticker in the front of their Passport to Learning has been signed by their parent/carer. This allows you to record and share the child’s information with us
  • after completing an activity, record their participation in their Passport and make sure a member of staff has stamped or signed it
  • complete a CU register or Sign In sheet so we’ve an accurate record of participation. These need to be returned to us at least 3 times a year

Getting a Passport

If a child doesn’t have a Passport, they can’t claim CU credits and should not be recorded on your CU Register.

They can purchase a Passport from Sheffield Libraries for £2 each.

You can choose to sell Passports to your members. Order them through us with a 10% discount.

How the Passport works

Sheffield CU can only track and award credits to children who are school-age and attend a Sheffield school.

They’ll get certificates and badges at regular intervals, either through their school, or direct to their home address.

Nominate a Learning Destination

We’d like to encourage you to nominate clubs and activities that you think should be part of our Children's University Learning Destination programme.

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