Streets Ahead works will consist of some (or all) of the following, depending on what is required for your street:

  • replacing the remaining older style street lights and maintaining the new lighting columns and lamps
  • replacing and maintaining road-side trees
  • maintaining road drains (gullies)
  • upgrading the surface water drainage system
  • replacing broken and misaligned kerbs
  • resurfacing and maintaining roads and pavements

Streets Ahead works will only be carried out on adopted roads.  Other roads (such as private roads, trunk roads and unadopted public highways) are not included.

Those of you directly affected by the Streets Ahead works will receive a letter advising you of the work arrangements before we start work on your street.

On-street signs will be in place approximately 5 days prior to work starting confirming the start date and duration of the works.

Streets Ahead Team

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