Please tell us:

  • what the problem is
  • where the problem is, eg outside 15 Blank Street

It is normal for standing water to be visible in the hole. This does not indicate a blockage.

Clean & clear drains

We are inspecting and repairing Sheffield’s flood prone road drains.

Between 2012 and 2017 we will:

  • carry out over 100 schemes to improve drainage across the city
  • replace 3,000 sub-standard gullies
  • a further 3,000 sub-standard gullies will be replaced after 2017

Drain cleaning

All 72,000 drains across Sheffield will be cleaned with the first year. After this cleaning is scheduled on a priority basis.

Prioritising blocked drains

We prioritise issues based on the following:

  • nature of the blockage
  • frequency of flooding
  • type of road and its traffic

Flooding across a busy road takes priority over a residential street given the potential for disruption and danger to motorists and pedestrians.

Parked cars stop us unblocking drains

Parked cars often prevent us from cleaning drains. So we aim to give you as much advance notice as possible using temporary road signs that will inform you when we need to clean those in your area.

We can get our works completed quicker, if you:

  • pay attention to our signs
  • avoid parking over the drains
  • find alternative parking until the cleaning has finished

Road drains (gullies) maintenance & cleaning

Facts & figures

We are responsible for maintaining and cleaning over 72,000 road drains.

Keeping them clean & clear

We are responsible for cleaning all road drains in the city at least once annually and to have at least 95% of them clear at any one time.

This is so that Sheffield’s drainage system can receive and remove surface water running from roads.

We will clean all blocked drains reported to us provided we can gain access.

What we are not responsible for

Public sewers or raw sewage

This is the responsibility of Yorkshire Water or Severn Trent Water depending on the area of the city.

Major river related problems

Contact the Environment Agency.

Streets Ahead

Ask us a question

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