We want to improve the cycle and walking connections from Broomhall into the City Centre. To do this we will make several changes including:

  • widening the footpath between Egerton Close and Cavendish Court to provide a two way cycle track and footway
  • improving lighting and removing overgrown vegetation
  • removing long stay commuter parking on Broomhall Road/Street to improve safety and comfort for people cycling between university campuses
  • increasing footway widths to improve walking links
  • change the road between Victoria Road and Park Lane to one-way (in the direction of Broomhall Street) to discourage rat-running and reduce the amount of traffic


A public meeting was held at Broomspring’s Centre on Wednesday 2nd August. The meeting was well attended by local people who were able to express their concerns. A summary of the comments made at the meeting and the presentation is attached.

Next steps

We are reviewing the comments that were made and will update the website soon.