If you think you may have food poisoning, you will need to get this confirmed through your GP before we are able to investigate.

You should visit your GP as soon as possible, and make a note of all the food you have eaten in the 2 weeks before becoming unwell as the last meal you ate may not be the cause of your symptoms. We will need this information if your test result is positive for food poisoning.

What we need from you

In order to investigate food poisoning we will ask for:

  • a faecal (stool) sample for testing via your GP
  • details of the food you have eaten, both prepared in the home and consumed elsewhere
  • details of where you work 

If you are not willing (or unable) to submit a sample we will not be able to take any further action, as we will have no evidence to proceed further. We will, however, record the details you give us in case we notice any patterns in these reports.

What happens next

If no food poisoning bacteria are found in your sample, your symptoms will be associated with another source, for example a virus or a different medical condition.

If your sample results show that you have food poisoning and your food history shows that your illness could be linked to a food premises in Sheffield, we will investigate this further.

If you have contracted your illness from premises outside of the Sheffield area, we will liaise with the relevant local authority on your behalf.

If you work with food or vulnerable people

Guidance to help managers and staff prevent the spread of infection is provied by the Food Standards Agency.  This includes advice on which illnesses and symptoms staff should report and what managers should do in response.

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