This is a partnership between the NHS and Sheffield City Council which seeks to make local government and local health services better for local people.

The board consists of a co-chair from each organisation and equal numbers of GPs and Councillors. There is also a representative from Healthwatch Sheffield as an independent voice of the people of Sheffield who feeds back the views of service users.

Names of board members

  • Councillor Cate McDonald (co-chair)
  • Dr Tim Moorhead (co-chair)
  • Dr Nikki Bates
  • Councillor Jackie Drayton
  • Greg Fell
  • Phil Holmes
  • Alison Knowles
  • Jayne Ludlam
  • Dr Zak McMurray
  • Peter Moore
  • John Mothersole
  • Judy Robinson
  • Maddy Ruff

Joint health and wellbeing strategy work programmes

The Health and Wellbeing Board has created 5 work programmes. These will be commissioned from partner organisations and the Board will oversee the delivery of the outcomes. These work programmes will feed in on an annual basis to the Board.

The 5 work Health and Wellbeing programmes included in the strategy are:

  • Supporting People at/or Closer to Home
  • Health, disability and employment
  • Building Mental Wellbeing and Emotional Resilience
  • A Good Start in Life
  • Food and Physical Activity

Health & Wellbeing Board