We inspect the premises of all food businesses registered with us. This is to ensure that you are following food law requirements.

Inspections are carried out by our Environmental Health Officers or an authorised officer contracted to carry out inspections on our behalf. They will normally be unannounced.

The timescale of your inspection is determined on whether your practices have been assessed as high risk or low risk.

About the inspection

During the inspection, the officer will be looking at things such as:

  • how you store ingredients and where they are stored
  • the layout of your premises
  • where wash hand basins are situated

They will also want to see a written, step-by-step, food safety management system to demonstrate how you provide safe food and will also check that these procedures are followed by any staff you employ.

Safer Food, Better Business diary refill packs

If you are using a diary from one of the food safety management packs produced by the Food Standards Agency, you can now purchase a diary refill pack (which includes diary sheets for a full year) from us.

These cost £9.60 (inc VAT) if you collect, or £13.20 (inc VAT) if you want us to post it to your business address.

Contact us for more information and to buy.

Inspection results & hygiene ratings

Following the inspection you will receive a report which will contain items that you must put right by law and items that are recommended improvements. There will be timescales allocated to each item that requires rectifying.

If your business is included in the food hygiene rating scheme, you will also be given a sticker to display in your premises and your rating will be uploaded to the Food Standards Agency ratings website.

Follow up inspections

If your business receives a rating of 2 or below in the food hygiene rating scheme you will be re-visited in accordance with our enforcement policy. Our officers will continue to work with your business in a fair and consistent manner until you meet the required standards to comply with the law. We will also try to help you meet your legal obligations without unnecessary expense.

If your business still does not comply with the relevant standards, enforcement action will be taken where necessary. This may mean prosecution when there is a serious breach of the law and when people act irresponsibly. This may result in a court appearance and, if found guilty, receiving a fine or even a prison sentence.

Request a visit for the purposes of re-rating

Once the necessary works have been carried out you can apply for your premises to be re-rated.

If your application is accepted, the fee for this service is £150.  An unannounced visit will be made within 3 months of receipt of the request and payment.

Appeal against a rating

If you are unhappy with the hygiene rating you receive, you can appeal. This must be done within 21 days of your inspection.

You also have the 'right to reply' about the reason for your rating, where your comments can be published on the Food Standards website. 

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