As the Lead Local Flood Authority we have worked closely with the Environment Agency to develop the ‘Sheffield Flood Risk Management Strategy’.

The aim of the plan is to:

  • reduce the likelihood of flooding
  • provide more support to local communities to help individuals and groups take action to protect themselves
  • improve our city’s environment

Be prepared

GOV.UK has an easy-to-use guide on preparing for flooding, as well as a flood warning list. We will only provide sand bags if you are in immediate danger of flooding. If you are please telephone us. 

Flood reporting

You should contact us to report:

  • flooded roads or blocked road drains
  • flooding small brooks and streams
  • surface water flooding
  • water in cellars

You should contact the Environment Agency to report:

  • river and reservoir flooding
  • pollution of rivers and streams

If you have a waterlogged garden you will need to contact the individual land owner. If there is an overflowing sewer you will need to contact Yorkshire Water. 

Land drainage

We are also the Land Drainage Authority for Sheffield with permissive powers relating to ordinary watercourses (small brooks and streams). If you are planning to carry out works to a watercourse you will need to contact us as you may need to get our consent before going ahead.

If you own land next to a river, or with a stream running through it, then you are a riparian owner with rights and responsibilities, which are explain in the Environment Agency’s ‘living on the edge’ document.

Flood Management

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