If dogs are not kept properly, accidents and nuisance can become commonplace, so dog owners must make sure that their dog doesn't cause any problems.

Micro-chip your dog 

We offer a service for micro-chipping dogs. It costs just £10 to get your dog micro-chipped for life. Our main aim is for all dogs in Sheffield to be micro- chipped and easily identified.

The benefit of having a micro-chip implanted in your dog includes:

  • permanent identification of your dog in case of loss of theft
  • the micro-chips that we use comply with the requirements of the new Pet Travel Scheme. This means that your animal would not need to go into quarantine on return to this country
  • it is likely that micro-chipping will become compulsory under new legislation, which is being considered

For more information please contact us.

Neuter or spay a pet

We recommend that you have your pet neutered or spayed. Dogs trust may be able to provide a discount voucher for spaying or neutering of dogs to people who are in receipt of a means test benefit. Contact the Dogs Trust for more information. 

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