We are happy to support litter picks. If you are organising a litter pick, please give us advance warning, typically 5 days, so that we can organise the collection. Please let us know at the earliest opportunity if you plan to involve the media.

Picking up litter

Litter should be bagged and bags tied securely when completed. Large items do not need to be bagged. Litter can only be picked from:

  • pavements
  • verges 
  • adjoining public land

No collections should be made directly from households, from the road or in other potentially unsafe areas.  

Arranging collection

Please let us know about any potentially hazardous waste, including hypodermic needles, drugs waste, chemicals and asbestos, but do not attempt to pick them up.

Leave collections safely and tidily in one location which is accessible from the road and agreed with us in advance.

#CleanSheffield campaign 

We want more businesses, community groups and individuals to take pride in their community and not drop litter.

Whether it’s as simple as picking up a piece of litter on your walk to the local shops, raising awareness of litter prevention or organising a litter pick in your local area, your support helps make Sheffield a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.