To report graffiti, please tell us where the graffiti is and who owns the property the graffiti is on. You can do this via our online form. 

If you know who is adding the graffiti, please call 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 444.

What we clean

  • litter bins, street name plates, road signs and street lighting
  • bridges and subways throughout the city

What we don't clean

  • graffiti on private houses and buildings. We offer free graffiti removal but we may require an indemnity form signing by you before work starts
  • areas where graffiti is not accessible to us
  • areas where the surface is likely to be damaged by the removal process
  • bus stops, bus shelters, equipment owned by Network Rail or Supertram

Preventing graffiti

We provide free advice on preventative measures for dealing with graffiti attacks and can apply anti-graffiti wall coatings to ensure that it is easier to remove the graffiti if it happens again. The coating we would apply to an external brick wall can be one of two types.

Permanent anti-graffiti coating

A resilient protective coating that is designed to make repeated graffiti removal quicker and easier. The coating can last 10 years and it is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces. Permanent coating has a clear matt or clear gloss finish. It is obvious where the coatings are on the surfaces, but in many cases this does enhance the look of brickwork.

If required, we can apply a coloured obliteration coat before the final transparent anti-graffiti coating. If you would like to see examples of this type of work, we can provide a list of treated buildings.

Sacrificial anti-graffiti coating

Light graffiti can be washed off this surface and very stubborn graffiti can be removed by sacrificing the coating and re-coating the cleaned area afterwards. It is very difficult to see where sacrificial coating has been applied. The coating we use does not shine or cause discoloration to the surface.

Graffiti removal costs

Our graffiti removal team will supply estimates for:

  • Removal of unauthorised advertisements
  • Removal of unauthorised graffiti
  • Cleaning by pressure washing
  • Application of anti-graffiti coatings

For an estimated cost for graffiti removal, please complete the online form. If your enquiry is from a business, please include your company name in the address box. In the subject box, please enter a brief description of the work you require - eg "Graffiti Removal" and in the details box please give a full description of the problem, including the location where the work is required. If the address for the work to be done is different to the one you have entered, please tell us the address in your enquiry details.

The information you supply on this form will be held by us and will be used to locate the address of the property and to contact you again with a written estimate, telephone or email.

Graffiti on private houses

Graffiti applied to privately owned houses remains the responsibility of the owner to remove. We have a free graffiti removal service which is available to the owners of this type of property.

The work will only be carried out subject to the following conditions:

  • the property is within the Sheffield city boundary
  • the owner of the property has requested that the work be carried out
  • the owner of the property may have to sign our Indemnity Form
  • the graffiti is accessible to our operatives
  • a site visit has confirmed that our equipment could remove the graffiti

The work will not be carried out if:

  • the wall or surface is likely to be damaged by the graffiti removal process
  • the property is rented by the owner for commercial gain

We cannot guarantee that the process will be successful. Occasionally the type of paint/ink or surface will not clean properly. We will not continue the cleaning and risk causing any damage.

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