This guidance covers all advice for when you are preparing to submit a planning application. 

If you are unsure if you need to seek planning permission please seek our separate guidance.

Still not sure what to do?

You can submit an informal enquiry online, this should only be used for general enquiries.

Why you should seek pre-application advice

In the modern planning system the pre-application phase is where key issues are expected to be resolved, as far as possible.

If a scheme is submitted which fails to meet our published planning policy requirements and there have been no meaningful pre-application discussions, that could be regarded as an unreasonable approach. Such an application runs the risk of being refused without further negotiation.

Some of the benefits of pre-application advice are:

  • giving you an opportunity to explain your needs
  • establishing planning policy requirements
  • commencing a dialogue towards resolving any planning issues that your proposal raises
  • identifying what information is required for a valid application to be submitted
  • for more controversial schemes, identifying where early community or Planning Committee consultation could be of benefit

Advice will be set out in writing, including a record of advice given in pre-application meetings.

Get pre-application advice

In order to manage the process all enquiries (other than policy advice referred to below) should be submitted on the appropriate pre-application enquiry form and submitted together with the relevant fee and necessary supporting documents as described in the form.

Charges for pre-application advice

Pre application advice is a chargable service but could save you money in the longer term by avoiding issues and saving time. The fees are set out in the Schedule of Planning Enquiry Fees below.

Pay online with a credit or debit card

You can pay online with a credit or debit card. Please note if you pay with a credit card there will be an additional charge.

Pay over the telephone

You can call us to either pay by credit or debit card, you can also call to arrange a BACs payment. Please note if you pay with a credit card there will be an additional charge.

Call us on 0114 273 4218.

Policy advice

In some cases developers will be aware that there is a key policy issue that may determine whether their development will comply with a local plan policy or not.

Contact us to obtain policy advice (there is a charge for this). Policy documents and other information are available which may answer your queries.

Houses in multiple occupation

We have also published advice on converting houses into Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs).

Planning Performance Agreements (PPAs)

A PPA is an agreement between applicants and the Planning Service to provide a project management framework for handling a large scale or complex major planning application.

PPAs have been identified by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) as an important planning tool for the management of planning proposals.

Benefits of PPAs 

There are a number of benefits to the PPA process for large scale or complex major development, which include:

  • providing certainty (when the standard 13 week target is not appropriate, clients and agents value a formal agreement to an alternative target
  • ensuring commitment from all contributors to a shared timetable (to avoid delays it is necessary for all consultees and consultants to agree to a timetable for their contributions)
  • forming a development team led by the case officer and involving all key contributors 
  • providing certainty about policy requirements and information required to support the application
  • providing an opportunity to arrange public consultation that seeks the wider views of the local community as well as neighbours
  • establishing a clear framework for delivering complex major projects at pre-application, application and post application stages

Written guidance to help you prepare your application

We have guidance on the planning issues that matter in Sheffield. These tell you where technical documents will be required in support of your application, though you are advised to confirm the requirements with the case officer.

New development must be sustainable, so please do read our Sustainability Toolkit.

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