We have secured funding from the central Government's Department of Communities and Local Government to develop a long term master plan for Gleadless Valley, making it an even better place to live. We want to make sure that the master plan helps us improve the neighbourhood for years to come. A good master plan needs everyone possible to contribute and we want to give people plenty of opportunity to get involved.

A master plan is a process that happens in order to develop a long term plan for a particular area. It starts with a consultation with the local people, businesses and community organisations to identify the issues and key improvements that are needed in an area. It then identifies the potential solutions to these issues. The overall master plan then pulls all this information together into one single document. 

Having an agreed master plan will help us to prioritise future investment in the area and talk to central Government about additional money to deliver the plan. 


Thank you to everyone who took part in the first round of consultation. The feedback is really important and will help inform the master plan.

We are analysing the results and will share them as soon as possible.

We will also let you know about future ways to get involved, and want as many people as possible to take part.

Grant spending

We want to make sure that the masterplan for Gleadless Valley helps us improve the neighbourhood for years to come. Some of the money will be used to enable this consultation to be effective.

This will mean organising events, carrying out door knocking and attending local meetings to find out what you think of your area and how you think it could be improved.

We will also need to work closely with people who are experienced in drawing up regeneration plans and setting out options for making the changes happen. We will seek the most cost effective ways of doing this and we will only spend money where it is necessary.

The money (£500,000) for the masterplan has come from central government and it can only be spent on certain activity. It will pay for the work to identify what needs improving, and where and how this can best be done. It won’t pay for the delivery of the solutions identified through the masterplan process.

Having the masterplan will put the Council in a really good position to talk to Government about additional money to put the plans into action, although we may be able to deliver some changes in Gleadless Valley without additional government funding.


Parts of Gleadless Valley fall into the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in the country, and although similar areas in Sheffield have had regeneration activity in the past, this has not happened in Gleadless Valley.

Gleadless Valley is a popular estate and it has been home to some residents for many years. There are many positive features about Gleadless Valley and it is evident the community cares about what happens at Gleadless Valley. In recent years we have noticed that more residents in the area are choosing not to settle in Gleadless Valley as a long term home.

From listening to concerns the time had come to talk to residents to find out what they think about their neighbourhood and for us to explore whether the Council or other organisations could do things differently in Gleadless Valley to help make it a better place to live. There are no plans for demolition, and there may be a plan to include new build homes in our master plan.

Early consultation feedback

Gleadless Valley TARA and local residents have raised two key points:

  • if people were to be moved out of the Gleadless Valley area during any major work, would they be allowed to return with no increase in rent/costs?
  • can we get early confirmation that all Gleadless Valley Tenants and Resident have a vote on the final Master Plan/Plans?

We want to be clear that the council does not have any plans to demolish housing on the Gleadless Valley estate as part of this process. This is designed to be a bottom-up process that takes on board local people’s ambitions for their estate.

We would only consider demolition if local people indicated a desire for it as part of this process. At the moment, we do not know what proposals are going to emerge for housing or that any residents would need to be moved out due to major work. The Councils policies regarding regeneration would apply to any residents but there are no plans / options at this time for this.  

The Government sets out the way all councils and housing associations calculate social rent. It says rents should be worked out in the same way. Their aim is that eventually social rents for similar homes in the same area will be comparable no matter who the social landlord is. This is known as the ‘target rent’.

The target rent for a property is worked out by a Government formula, using the current national average rent £92.73 and takes into account three things:

  • the number of bedrooms in your home
  • the average wage in South Yorkshire
  • the value of your home

70% of rent is based on the number of bedrooms in a home and average wage in South Yorkshire and 30% on the value of your home.

The Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016 included a statutory requirement for social housing provider to reduce their rents by 1% per year for four years. 2018/19 will be the third year of applying the 1% reduction to our rents.

The Government have announced that from 2020, social rents will return to a rent increase of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 1% for 5 years.

We have committed to a vote on the final Gleadless Valley Masterplan, but we have not yet determined the details of the ballot.  We hope to be able to provide further detail in Spring 2018.

Getting involved

We will publicise details of future consultation events as soon as possible.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who took part in the first round of consultation, between October 2017 to January 2018.

This asked local people what it is like to live and work in the area, including:

  • the services and facilities available in the area
  • the quality and choice of homes 
  • how safe you feel when you’re out and about
  • what you think about local transport connections
  • how you use green spaces

We also held 3 drop-in events in the neighbourhood and our Council Housing Officers also spoke to people in the area when out and about.

We are also talking to the local schools, family centres, businesses, health providers, community groups, and police as key stakeholders in the area to get their views and understand their priorities for supporting local residents.

This feedback is being used to better understand the issues on Gleadless Valley and what the community wants, to inform the master plan.

Prize draws

The winners of the prize draws from the first round of consultation will soon be notified. 

There are 2 prize draws – one for the Gleadless Valley residents' survey and one for the survey of people who live near the area. Both draws have the same prizes:

  • first prize: £50 shopping vouchers
  • second prize: £30 shopping vouchers
  • third prize: £20 shopping vouchers

If you have not heard anything before the end of January then unfortunately you have not won.

Consultation results

In spring and summer 2018 we will share what we have learnt so far about Gleadless Valley and work with the local community to develop a master plan for their area.

Councillors' Surgeries

Your local Ward Councillors are also involved and you can speak to them about the master plan at their weekly surgeries.

Your local councillors are: Councillor Cate Mcdonald, Councillor Lewis Dagnall and Councillor Chris Peace. Their ward surgeries take place on the:

  • 1st Friday of the month from 10 am to 12 noon at Gleadless Valley TARA, 7 Plowright Close, S14 1LQ with Cllr Cate McDonald
  • 3rd Saturday of the month from 10 am to 11 am at Heeley City Farm Café, Richards Road, S2 3DT with Cllr Lewis Dagnall
  • 4th Thursday of the month from 5pm to 6 pm at Newfield Green Library, Gleadless Road, S2 2BT with Cllr Chris Peace

Using the provided information

We will look at what people have said to help identify what are the most important issues in and about Gleadless Valley. We will then use this information to look at where change is needed, and what options there are to change things for the better. We will consult again on what we have found in order to draw up the final master plan for the area.

Strategic Housing & Regeneration Team

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