We have secured £500,000 funding from central Government to develop a long term master plan for Gleadless Valley. The money will pay for the work to identify what needs improving, and where and how this can best be done. 

We want to make sure that the master plan helps us improve the neighbourhood for years to come and want to encourage as many people as possible to contribute and get involved. 

Having the master plan will us in a really good position to continue to talk with Government about additional money to put the plans into action.  We'll also look at the services we fund. 

Whilst the funding won't pay for the delivery of the solutions identified, we hope to be able to deliver some changes in Gleadless Valley without additional government funding.

We have committed to a vote on the Gleadless Valley master plan, but we have not yet determined the details of the ballot.

Phase 1 consultation

Almost 450 people completed a residents' survey to tell us what they like and don’t like about living in Gleadless Valley.

You told us your priorities for improvement are:

  • reducing anti-social behaviour
  • more activities for teenagers
  • improving cleanliness

We have also attended meetings with local groups and services to talk in more detail.  It's been really useful in helping to understand what’s important to local people.

We have also been looking at other information which the Council and local organisations hold that tells us more about the issues in Gleadless Valley.

For more information on what you've told us, read our Phase One Consultation Report.

How to stay involved

Thank you for your contributions so far.

Please come to future meetings and events – we’ll send more information about these in the next few weeks.

Stay in touch by reading project updates – we’ll send these regularly.

Why Gleadless Valley?

Parts of Gleadless Valley fall into the 10% most deprived neighbourhoods in the country, and although similar areas in Sheffield have had regeneration activity in the past, this has not happened in Gleadless Valley.

Gleadless Valley is a popular estate and it has been home to some residents for many years. There are many positive features about Gleadless Valley and it is evident the community cares about what happens at Gleadless Valley. In recent years we have noticed that more residents in the area are choosing not to settle in Gleadless Valley as a long term home.

From listening to concerns the time had come to talk to residents to find out what they think about their neighbourhood and for us to explore whether the Council or other organisations could do things differently in Gleadless Valley to help make it a better place to live. There are no plans for demolition, and there may be a plan to include new build homes in our master plan.

Questions raised by Gleadless Valley TARA and local residents

Gleadless Valley TARA and local residents asked if people were to be moved out of the Gleadless Valley area during any major work, would they be allowed to return with no increase in rent/costs?

We want to be clear that we do not any plans to demolish housing on the Gleadless Valley estate as part of this process. This is designed to be a bottom-up process that takes on board local people’s ambitions for their estate.

We would only consider demolition if local people indicated a desire for it as part of this process. At the moment, we do not know what proposals are going to emerge for housing or that any residents would need to be moved out due to major work. The Council’s policies regarding regeneration would apply to any residents but there are no plans / options at this time for this.  

With regard rent increases, the Government sets out the way all councils and housing associations calculate social rent. Find out how rent is calculated.

Strategic Housing & Regeneration Team

Supporting information

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