Attercliffe is an important local centre, a key gateway to Sheffield from the M1 and the east. Located in Sheffield’s industrial Lower Don Valley area, it supports local businesses and significant employment in factories in the area, as well as a growing residential population.

Attercliffe serves local, regional and national visitors to leisure facilities and sport events, whilst also providing specialist shopping which attracts customers from across the whole of Sheffield.

However, there are a number of factors which present a poor image to visitors and passers by, including high volumes of HGV through-traffic, poor public space, untidy open spaces and run down vacant buildings and development plots.

In response to local business and community requests, and as part of our Thriving District and Local Centres Initiative, BDP (Sheffield) were commissioned to prepare an Action Plan for Attercliffe Centre.

Action Plan

The Action Plan seeks to address the problems in the centre at the same time as protecting the strengths of Attercliffe and exploiting opportunities including its gateway position to the city, the large number of attractive listed buildings and strong business community.

The Attercliffe Action Plan is a 10 year strategy which identifies a number of proposals designed to renew the environment, bring vacant plots back into use and make the centre an attractive place to stop and enjoy. By delivering these short, medium and long term projects, the aim is to enable the Attercliffe Centre to thrive in the future.

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