Our master plan recommended that 341 flat-roofed 5M (Finnegan) houses and 9 blocks of flats on Errington Road and Errington Crescent should be demolished to make way for new housing.

An older persons' housing development has been built by Sanctuary Housing Association. The development contains affordable flats and bungalows for people aged over 55. Sanctuary Housing have also built 87 2, 3 and 4 bedroomed family houses for affordable rent, and 6 flats.


Phase 1 - Errington

The remainder of the cleared land will be developed for housing in the future.

There were 176 properties in these 3 sub-phases, 81 of which were T-Type flats and 96 were flat-roofed 5M (Finnegan) houses. These properties have now all been demolished and the site has been cleared since June 2011.

Once the Errington site became vacant and demolition was completed we began working on the development of an older persons' housing development.