Hackenthorpe is an outer suburb of the city, approximately 8km south east of the city centre.  The conservation area encloses part of the historic hamlet of Hackenthorpe, which is a small part of the wider suburb.

The conservation area's buildings are scattered beside three roads, Beighton Road, Sheffield Road and Main Street.

The special interest that justifies designation of the Hackenthorpe Conservation Area derives from:

  • architectural and historic interest of the areas buildings, including Greenside, a Grade II listed building and Hackenthorpe Hall a large Victorian house
  • former Staniforth Works which originated in the mid 18th century and was once one of the largest sickle and scythe manufacturers in England
  • the village green
  • historic street pattern
  • stone boundary walls
  • the areas trees particularly those around Greenside, Inkersall House and Hackenthorpe Hall
  • distinctive local features, stone gate piers, a King George V post box and a pond in the courtyard of the former sickle works

Date of designation

Hackenthorpe Conservation Area was originally designated on 12th July 1976.

Conservation Area Appraisal

Between 28th January and 24th February 2008 we had a period of public consultation.  Shortly afterwards the conservation area appraisal and management proposals were adopted by us on 14th April 2008.

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