Grenoside is a densely developed hillside village on the northern edge of Sheffield, approximately 8km from the City Centre. Its boundaries are defined by the surrounding woodland and fields.

The special interest that justifies the designation of the Grenoside Conservation Area comes from the following features:

  • its historical importance as a source of Sheffield's building stone
  • its significance as the original location of the Walker Bros. foundry and crucible steel works
  • an interesting mix of historical buildings representing different phases in Grenoside's development
  • its distinct identity and sense of place quite separate from that of neighbouring communities

Date of designation

Grenoside Conservation Area was designated on 6th October 1976.

Conservation Area Appraisal

In our duty to periodically review historic areas and to publish proposals for their future preservation and enhancement, we undertook a Conservation Area Appraisal in Grenoside.

Following a period of public consultation the conservation area appraisal and management plan were approved at Cabinet on 14th April 2010. You can download these below.

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