Greenhill is situated approximately 7km south of the city centre and close to the Outer Ring Road and edge of the city.  Dronfield is only 3km to the south. 

Greenhill Conservation Area is a small historic area, formerly a rural hamlet but now engulfed by 1930's housing.  Greenhill Main Road is the spine of the conservation area , with historic buildings on either side.

The special interest that justifies the designation of the Greenhill Conservation Area derives from the following:

  • historic street layout consisting of Greenhill Main Road and School Lane which enclose the site of the former village green and pond
  • architectural and historic interest of the conservation area buildings with ten listed buildings including 35 Greenhill Main Road, known as the Manor
  • vestiges of old long and narrow house crofts north to south from Greenhill Main Road
  • historic Wesleyan Church and former Board School
  • prevalent use of local stone for building materials
  • prominence of mature trees
  • distinctive local features and details such as stone boundary walls, gate piers, a 19th Century milestone and cast iron village pump (listed)

Date of designation

Greenhill Conservation Area was designated on 1st December 1971.

Conservation Area Appraisal

After a period of public consultation the Greenhill Conservation Area Appraisal and accompanying Management Proposals were adopted on 14th April 2008. 

These are now material considerations in determining planning applications in the area.


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