Broomhall is located in the suburbs of Sheffield about 2km south west of the City Centre on land that rises gently from Porter Brook northwards.

The conservation area has a wholly urban setting being locked between Clarkehouse Road to the north and Ecclesall Road to the south.

The special interest that justifies the designation of the conservation area comes from several features including but not exclusively:

  • large-scale planned Victorian residential development of 'Broomhall Park' i.e. Collegiate Crescent, Broomhall Road and Victoria Road
  • architectural and historic interest of the area's 19th Century buildings, 23 listed buildings
  • Broom Hall, a Grade II* listed building, partly dating back to the 15th Century
  • former homes of prominent historical figures of 19th Century Sheffield
  • stone buildings, gate piers, boundary walls, and floors
  • widespread mature tree coverage of both deciduous and evergreen variety

Date of designation

Broomhall Conservation Area was designated on 2nd September 1970. The boundary was enlarged by the inclusion of Broomgrove Road on the 5th July 1989.

Conservation Area Appraisal

In our duty to periodically review historic areas and to publish proposals for their future preservation and enhancement, we undertook a Conservation Area Appraisal in Broomhall.

The appraisal and management plan was agreed by the Planning Board on 17th December 2007.

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