The Birkendale Conservation Area is a well defined residential suburb lying approximately 1.5km north west of Sheffield City Centre. 

The area dates back to the 1850's and is an early example of the Freehold Land Society developments that played a major role in the growth of Sheffield suburbs in the 19th Century.

The special interest that justifies the designation of the Birkendale Conservation Area derives from the following features:

  • its historical importance as an example of the Freehold Land Society developments
  • detached or semi-detached stone built houses of above average size, set in large plots some with carriage houses and stables
  • large gardens and mature trees which lend a park-like atmosphere to this part of the city
  • boundary walls, ironwork and entrance gates which contribute to the visual coherence of the estate
  • historic street surfaces and gas standards

Date of designation

The Birkendale Conservation Area was designated in December 1988.

Conservation Area Appraisal

After a period of public consultation we adopted the conservation area appraisal and management proposals for Birkendale on 3rd March 2008.

This means they are now a material consideration in the determination of planning applications in the area.

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