You can apply for planning permission online. There are many advantages of submitting your application online. The benefits include:

  • no printing and postage costs
  • creating site location plan
  • apply anytime
  • adding any attachments to your submission
  • your fees can be calculated for you

If you are an agent submitting on behalf of someone you can ask them to pay us directly using this page.

Before you apply

Before you submit your application you should look at some of the advice and guidance which we provide. You may also wish to calculate your fees upfront.

Who can submit an application

You may need a professional agent to submit your application and represent you, unless your application proposal is very simple and you have access to the required technical drawings and documents.

We can’t recommend an agent, but websites of the main professional bodies provide lists of their members.

You might find it helpful to look at the quality of application submitted by the agent you are considering, and their record in terms of getting planning permission.

Submitting a paper application

You can still submit paper applications by post. You'll need to download and print documents from the Planning Portal and pay online. Please note that you only need to print and send one copy, not 3 as stated on the Planning Portal.


Please note that VAT is not payable when applying for planning permission.

Making a payment online

If your agent has submitted an application for you or you have submitted a paper application, you will need to make a payment seperately. You can pay online by credit or debit card - please note there is an additional fee for credit card transactions.

You will need:

  • Your application reference number, eg 12/01234/FUL
  • Your credit or debit card

Planning Enquiries

Ask us a question

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