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Wherever you are in Sheffield, there's sure to be a park, playground, woodland or other green space nearby to enjoy.

Sheffield's parks have been categorised into 3 types: City, District and Local.

Playground cleaning

Playgrounds are being cleaned regularly.

We are using the following products to clean them:

City parks

  • Concord Park
  • Cholera Monument Grounds
  • Endcliffe Park/Porter Valley Parks
  • Ecclesall Woods
  • Firth Park
  • Graves Park & Animal Farm
  • Hillsborough Park & Walled Garden
  • Millhouses Park
  • Norfolk Heritage Park
  • Peace Gardens
  • Rivelin Valley Park
  • Sheffield Botanical Gardens
  • Weston Park

The 13 city parks, woodlands and gardens are established visitor destinations in their own right.

District parks

  • Bingham Park (Porter Valley Parks)
  • Bolehill Recreation Ground
  • Chapeltown Park
  • Crookes Valley Park
  • Devonshire Green
  • Ecclesfield Park
  • Greenhill Park
  • Grenoside Recreation Ground
  • Herdings Park
  • High Hazels Park
  • Manor Fields Park
  • Meersbrook Park
  • Mount Pleasant Park
  • Oxley Park
  • Parkwood Springs
  • Parson Cross Park
  • Richmond Park
  • Rother Valley Country Park
  • Stannington Park
  • Tinsley Green Recreation Ground
  • Whirlow Brook Park

The 20 district parks generally have catchments of around 1.2 to 2.0 km, and contain a mixture of landscape features and facilities.

Local parks or green spaces

  • Abbeyfield Park
  • Angram Bank Recreation Ground
  • Arbourthorne Recreation Ground and Pond
  • Barbers Field
  • Beaver Hill Recreation Ground
  • Bowman Drive Recreation Ground (Lightwood)
  • Brightside Recreation Ground
  • Broadfield Road Open Space
  • Burncross Recreation Ground
  • Busk Meadow Park
  • Carterhall Recreation Ground
  • Chancet Wood
  • Chelsea Park
  • Colley Park
  • Crookesmoor East Recreation Ground (Ponderosa)
  • Darnall Neighbourhood Park
  • Darnall Community Park
  • Dore Recreation Ground
  • Duchess Road Community Area
  • Eastern Avenue/Arbourthorne Pond (also known as Arbourthorne Playing Field)
  • Ellesmere Park
  • Flockton Park
  • Fox Glen Recreation Ground
  • Foxhill Recreation Ground
  • Frecheville Pond
  • Glen Howe Park
  • Green Oak Recreation Ground
  • Halliwell Crescent/Wordsworth Avenue
  • Handsworth Recreation Ground
  • Heathlands Park
  • Heeley Millennium Park
  • Hollinsend Recreation Ground
  • Jaunty Park
  • Kettlebridge Doorstep Green
  • Longley Park
  • Lowfield Park
  • Manor Sports Ground
  • Mather Road Recreation Ground
  • Middlewood Park & Playing Field
  • Mosborough Country Park
  • Mortomley Park
  • Osgathorpe Park
  • Phillimore Park
  • Rolling Acres
  • Ruskin Park
  • Sky Edge Playing Field/Manor Oaks Road
  • Sycamore Park
  • Thorncliffe Recreation Ground
  • Thorpe Hesley Recreation Ground
  • Totley Hall Playing Field
  • Tunwell Park (formerly Wooden Park)
  • Waterthorpe Park
  • Westwood Country Park
  • Woodhouse Recreation Ground
  • Woodthorpe Recreation Ground

The 50 local parks generally serve a catchment area of around 400 metres, and usually consist of a play feature, formal/informal green space areas and other landscape features.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Originally laid out in 1836, the Gardens are listed by English Heritage as a Grade II site and contain a number of listed buildings, including the stunning glass pavilions.

The restoration programme in 2005 was in keeping with the spirit of the original Victorian design, whilst rejuvenating the plant collections and adapting the Gardens for modern-day needs.

As well as providing a 'green lung' in this built up area and catering for general amenity, the gardens have outstanding plant collections, making them a centre for horticultural excellence and providing educational opportunities.  The project was a partnership between us and Sheffield Botanical Gardens Trust, Friends of the Botanical Gardens, Sheffield Town Trust and The University of Sheffield.

Park playgrounds

There are over 100 children's playgrounds in Sheffield’s parks and open spaces.

All the playgrounds in Sheffield's parks and open spaces are inspected on a daily, quarterly and annual basis:

  • we are responsible for the maintenance of all the equipment and facilities provided
  • all new playground equipment complies with European Standard EN1176/7

Contact us if you have any queries or comments or would like to report any problems or accidents with any of the playground equipment or facilities.

Sheffield’s parks byelaws

Byelaws for "Public Pleasure Grounds in Sheffield" cover many of the city's parks and green spaces. These existing byelaws were fully reviewed, amended and produced in 1966 and relate to the powers in the Public Health Act 1875 and Open Spaces Act 1906.


Drones may not be flown from Council land without our permission.

Permission will only be granted where:

  • use of a drone device helps reduce risk in the workplace, such as working at height
  • land and building survey work
  • to undertake professional services such as festivals and events media

Parks byelaws already restrict the use of powered model aircraft.

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