Sheffield boasts one of the largest numbers of 'Friends Of' groups in the UK in comparison with other major cities. Friends' groups work in partnership with us to ensure that our green spaces are well-used and maintained.

Organising a practical activity day

If you want to carry out any kind of practical activity in the green spaces, then the 'Organising Practical Work Days Information Pack' will give you all the information you need to get started.

You must complete a 'Practical Activity Day Application Form'. Please contact us for your form, and submit with a Risk Assessment Form.

Publicity & promotion 

Find out how to promote your 'Friends Of' group in our 'Publicity and Promotion Information Pack'.

Starting a new community group

If you want to form a new group, the 'Starting a New Community Group Information Pack' contains relevant information on to get your group up and running. 

Practical work tools & equipment

We have some limited resources available for Friends' groups who are carrying out approved practical activities in Sheffield's parks, woodlands or other green spaces. 

These include personal protective equipment (PPE) for volunteers, and also tools that can be used by groups for practical activities, such as gardening.

Examples of the type of items we have available are:

  • equipment such as litter pickers, handi-hoops, poop scoops and black sacks
  • tools including spades, forks, shovels, rakes, brushes, hoes, hand forks and trowels
  • personal protective equipment (PPE) such as disposable gloves, rigger gloves, latex/knit gloves and high-visibility vests

The provision or loan of equipment and tools is subject to availability and we may restrict the amount of equipment supplied to each group, based on the level of demand. Tools are available for loan only. This is in addition to equipment available from our Ranger Service, which is also sometimes available for groups to loan.

Equipment and tools will only be provided to groups who have our express permission to carry out practical activities. 

On Ranger led work days the Ranger Service will supply all the tools and equipment required.

Download our 'Tools and Equipment Evaluation Form' and return it to us.

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