General Terms & Conditions for all permits

The purchase of a permit does not guarantee the use of any particular parking space.

The issue of a parking permit is at our discretion. We resolve the right to query applications and can refuse any application.

Refunds are not available.

You should also check the rules for the type of permit you are applying for and the zone it is issued for.

We normally send renewal reminders by email. If your email address changes after you apply for your permit, please contact us with your new details. Although we send renewal reminders, this cannot be guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to apply to renew their permit in good time. There is no automatic entitlement to renew a permit.

We want to let you know that sometimes we need to take some personal information from you in order to assess or investigate your enquiry. Your information will be kept in line with our data retention timescales. Where necessary, any personal information you give will be shared with our third party providers.

For information about your rights under Data Protection or how long your information is held for, please read our privacy notice.

Proof of address & vehicle ownership 

At any time whilst you hold a permit we may require you to provide proof of your vehicle registration and your home or business address as part of regular audit checks.

Read about what evidence we'll need you to supply.

Where to park with a permit

If your permit is issued for a specific zone you can only park your vehicle within the boundaries of that zone (unless otherwise specified in the zone or permit conditions).

A vehicle may be parked without time limit in a bay which is signed as being for the use of permit holders (unless otherwise stated in the details about the specific permit type, or the specific zone rules).

Some signs may indicate only permit holders may park there.

Some signs are for ‘shared use’ bays which can be used by other motorists – for example permit holders or pay and display ticket holders

Examples of signs

Some signs are more complex and may denote that permit holders can only park there at certain times of the day.

Check signs carefully to make sure they do indicate that permit holders can use the bay. You must also make sure you are aware of any special rules that apply in the scheme where you park.

Unless the zone or permit rules say otherwise, you cannot use a permit to park where other restrictions apply, such as:

  • bays not for the use of permit holders (for example: pay and display parking or loading bays)
  • on yellow lines
  • where a parking bay suspension is in place

Parking in bays

When parking in a bay, permit holders will:

  • park wholly within the parking bay
  • stop the engine as soon as your vehicle is parked
  • not start the engine until about to change the position of the vehicle or to depart from the parking bay

You must not use the vehicle whilst it is in the parking bay in connection with the selling of goods or offering for hire the driver’s or any other person’s skill or services.

Suspension of parking bays

No vehicle shall be left in any parking bay in contravention of any notice or sign placed by us or the police which indicates that the parking bay is closed or suspended.

Additional terms & conditions for holders of paperless parking permits

Make sure you apply for your paperless permit at least 36 hours before you first need to use it – this is to ensure your new permit has been activated and the necessary records have been updated before you park in a permit zone.

You will receive an email after you have paid for your permit. Your permit will be activated up to 36 hours after you have paid for the permit.

If your vehicle details change, please use the online system to update your details.

Similarly, if you need to temporarily use a different vehicle (for example a courtesy car whilst your vehicle is in for repair) please use the online system to advise us of these changes.

Additional terms and conditions for holders of paper parking permits.

You should allow 5 working days for any requests to be processed, although if further investigation is required we will respond within 28 days.

You should park legally elsewhere pending receipt of a permit.

We do not accept responsibility for loss.

If your vehicle details change, you lose your permit or have it stolen or damaged, you should make an application for a replacement permit.

Additional terms & conditions for holders of paper permits

You must display your permit in the windscreen of the window for which it has been issued so that all the details are visible from outside the vehicle.

If you display an invalid permit (for example one that has expired, or one that has been issued for a different vehicle or zone) you will be issued with a parking fine.

Return or withdrawal of paper parking permits

You must return the permit to us if you change address or no longer have a vehicle.

A parking permit shall be deemed to be invalid and must be returned to us within 48 hours of receipt of a written request to do so if we have reason to believe:

  • you are no longer a resident or employee of a business based at the address for which the permit was issued
  • you have caused or allowed your permit to be used for reward
  • the use of the permit has been abused
  • a duplicate permit has been issued 

Car free properties

Some developments within the parking permit zones have been granted planning consent on the grounds that they would be car free and therefore occupants are not eligible for an on-street permit.

Residents of such properties cannot apply for a parking permit. You should check with your landlord, letting agent or solicitor if your property is car free. We do not accept responsibility for this information not being shared.

Enforcement of parking controls

The restrictions in the zone are regularly patrolled by our Civil Enforcement Officers. They will issue parking fines to vehicles which contravene the restrictions.

If you wish to request enforcement of the restrictions on your road please contact us on 0114 273 6255.

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