At different times during the year, we invite Sheffield residents to take part in a reading challenge.  These schemes are all about introducing customers to the wealth of library services available, and to promote a broad love of reading for pleasure, for learning and for well-being.

Look out for the Reading Ahead Challenge, the Children’s Summer Reading Challenge and the Adult Reading Passport.

Everything changes when we read.

Reading Ahead Challenge

Visit your local library and join the challenge.  Reading Ahead invites people that don’t usually read for pleasure to pick six reads and record, rate and review them in a diary provided. Once you have finished return your diary to your local library by the 30th April 2018.

All completers will receive a certificate, be invited to an awards ceremony in Sheffield City Centre and entered into a prize draw to win some great prizes. 

The programme isn't just about books - it's about newspapers, magazines and websites too. 

Why take part?

When we begin reading for pleasure, our everyday life gets better.  

  • reading helps us think more clearly
  • reading gives us some ‘me time’
  • reading helps to improve relationships with others
  • reading makes us more confident
  • reading reduces the symptoms of depression