The main attacks on Sheffield took place on the nights of 12/13 and 15/16 December 1940. On 12 December, over 330 German aircraft are believed to have attacked the city. The main industrial part of the city was largely defended that night by a covering of fog. However, the Moor was devastated and every building in Angel Street (where Argos is now) was bombed or fire damaged.

Two nights later, the bombers returned. This time the industrial east of the city was hit - Attercliffe, Grimesthorpe and Burngreave in particular. Brown Bayleys steelworks were hit, as were Hadfield’s Hecla and East Hecla Works, Arthur Lee and other industrial sites.

Almost 700 people were killed during the air raids. Over 82,000 houses of a total stock of 150,000 were damaged. A number of well known buildings were also badly damaged or destroyed.

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