We are a holder of the two tick symbol.

This means we have made five commitments:

  • guaranteed interviews for all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for a job vacancy and to consider them on their abilities.
  • to discuss with disabled employees, at any time but at least once a year, what both parties can do to make sure disabled employees can develop and use their abilities.
  • to make every effort when employees become disabled to make sure they stay in employment.
  • to take action to ensure that all employees develop the appropriate level of disability awareness needed to make these commitments work.
  • to review these commitments each year and assess what has been achieved, plan ways to improve on them and let employees and Jobcentre Plus know about progress and future plans.

How do I know if I am eligible?

It is important to understand what is classified as a disability so you can decide if you are eligible for this scheme.

A disability is considered to be a physical or mental impairment with a long term or substantial adverse effect on your ability to carry out day to day activities.

Day to day activities are taken to be:

  • your mobility; manual dexterity; physical co-ordination; continence; ability to lift, carry or otherwise move everyday objects; speech, hearing or eyesight; memory or ability to concentrate, learn or understand; or perception of the risk of physical danger
  • if you are taking any medication; you must consider the impact of your condition minus the medication

Long term is taken to mean it has lasted or is likely to last 12 months.

How do I let you know I am eligible?

Candidates applying for a job with us who feel they are eligible have been asked to tick the box on the application form that says 'I am eligible for a guaranteed interview under the two ticks scheme'. Doing this will ensure they must be offered an interview if they meet the minimum criteria.

The decision to appoint should still be made on merit to ensure the best person for the job.

We have chosen to sign up to this scheme to help redress our workforce profile and reduce the barriers experienced by disabled people in finding work. This scheme will be monitored to make sure eligible applicants are offered an interview as publicised.

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