We have a statutory duty to undertake a Sheffield Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) in order to identify the scale and range of housing required over the course of the Local Plan.  A key part of this is determining the affordable housing requirements for the city, including the different sizes and types of affordable housing needed.  

The SHMA tells us:

  • about the supply and demand for different housing in the city 
  • estimates the number of new homes that will be needed over the next 5 years
  • provides important evidence about the housing market that we can use in the development of housing and planning policies to help guide future housing delivery

This robust analysis of housing need and aspiration helps to ensure that the right mix and types of homes are being delivered in the right places

Sheffield Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2013

The 2013 SHMA was conducted in partnership with the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University and included 6 main elements:

  • identification of 13 Housing Market Areas
  • analysis of secondary data covering population and household growth, housing market and economic indicators
  • a Housing Needs Survey of 3,363 households
  • interviews and focus groups with residents and housing stakeholders
  • a Housing Needs model to determine the level of affordable housing needed in the city
  • 2 policy workshops, one on housing need and one on market demand

Housing Strategy & Policy

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