Sheffield Housing Company (SHC) is a partnership organisation with 50% of its shares owned by ourselves and 50% owned by Keepmoat Great Places as the private sector partner.  

SHC aims to build 2,300 new homes over the next 15 years on cleared sites within the neighbourhoods of Arbourthorne, Fir Vale, Granville, Manor, Manor Park, Norfolk Park, Parson Cross and Shirecliffe.  

Different sizes of homes and a variety of tenures are built to attract mixed communities to the areas.  We define the quality and sustainability standards for the homes and the SHC's proposals need to meet these standards, as well as requirements for affordable homes before the land can be drawn down by SHC.  This is one of the most significant projects we have undertaken in recent years and aims to complement other regeneration projects that are already happening in the city as a whole, not least in the areas of sustainability and local employment and training initiatives.

Development update

Phase 1 of the development programme- 293 new homes in Norfolk Park, Parson Cross and Shirecliffe is now complete with most homes already sold and occupied.

SHC is currently on site building a further 478 new homes as part of Phase 2 and design work on Phase 3, at the 'former East Hill School' in Norfolk Park and 'Manor Boot' in Manor Top, is in progress.

About the partnership

SHC is structured through the shareholders and a Board of Directors drawn from each of the parties, and a management team employed by Sheffield Housing Company itself. We work together to use our different expertise to jointly deliver new homes for private sale, shared ownership and affordable for rent. We invest land in the company and Keepmoat Great Places invest money to match the value of the land we put in.

If necessary, SHC borrow any additional money required to fund the house building programme. The profits and risks are shared equally between ourselves and Keepmoat.

Many of the sites included in the programme have been identified by master planning exercises as being suitable for housing development. Those chosen are either vacant, ready for development and in our ownership or in the process of being decanted and requiring some associated demolition. The areas for development have been determined according to regeneration needs and priorities. Some of the sites have remained derelict for a number of years.

It is hoped that the developments will help regeneration activities more widely in the communities where they take place.

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