In July 2010, we adopted a new Homelessness Strategy which outlines the strategic direction, priorities and targets for Sheffield over the next 3 years. It has been developed by us in consultation with partner agencies delivering services, customers and other stakeholders.

We are not required by Central Government to adopt a new strategy. However, we have decided to adopt a strategic approach to tackle some key issues.

Our vision is to continue to reduce the level of homelessness in Sheffield, and minimise the impact on people’s lives. In order to help us to achieve this, the Strategy has set out a number of key objectives:

  • prevent homelessness by early intervention for all customers 
  • reduce the level of youth homelessness in the city
  • improve the access to appropriate housing
  • provide a range of good quality temporary accommodation
  • reduce the use of temporary accommodation and eliminate the use of bed and breakfast accommodation
  • end rough sleeping in the city
  • improve the customer experience and offer better value for money

There is a risk that the number of people experiencing acute housing problems will increase in the current economic circumstances. We are faced with the challenge of overall reduced investment in public services.

Housing Strategy & Policy