Travel Training is a free, safe way for adults with learning disabilities to gain independence whilst travelling by bus, train, tram or on foot. Travel Training is available to anyone over 18 who receives services from our Learning Disability Team.

10 Steps to Travel Training

  1. First meeting. Our travel trainer will meet with you and discuss where you want to go and any worries you have.
  2. Route planning. We look at the route you would be taking and give you advice.
  3. First journey. We will meet you at home and go with you to the end of your journey.
  4. Practice. Once you feel confident we will ask to meet you at the bus stop.
  5. Talk it through. At the end of the day we will have a chat about how it has gone and let you know what went well and what you will need more practice on.
  6. Travel without us. Gradually we will watch you do the journey but be around in case you forget something.
  7. Scenario training. We practice and plan for things that might go wrong on a journey.
  8. Shadowing. When we feel you are a good traveller we will shadow you.
  9. Confident travelling. We will sit down with you and go through everything you have learned. When you feel confident you can start to travel alone. 
  10. Support. You can contact us with any questions or if you want more support. 

Please contact us to find out more about Travel Training. 

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