We know that there are a number of Council Tax scams operating around the country.

If you receive a telephone call or someone comes to your door offering a refund or reduction in your Council Tax bill, and asking you to either give your bank, building society or credit card details or to make a payment to secure a refund, this is a bogus caller.

Protect your information

Don’t give your bank details or any other financial information to anyone offering a refund or reduction in your Council Tax bill.

If someone visits you and says they are from the council or the Valuation Office Agency, ask to see their identity card. If the caller doesn’t provide appropriate identification, don’t let them into your home or provide any financial information.

If a bogus caller does contact you, please tell us. Please give as much information as you can, for example the name of the person or company who contacted you, and any address or telephone number they gave you.

Report Bogus Callers

We’d also like you to report any bogus callers to South Yorkshire Police by calling 101.

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