Tenancy conditions set out the rules which tenants and the Council as landlord must stick to. They are part of the tenancy agreement which is signed at the beginning of a tenancy and are part of the legal contract between the landlord and tenant. Action can be taken if these rules are broken.

These leaflets tell you about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant of Sheffield City Council. 

You can obtain a copy of your Tenancy Agreement by contacting your Area Housing Office by telephone or in person. If you visit in person you will need to bring identification.

Subletting your property

You must not part with possession or sublet all of the property, however you can sublet part of the property if you have written permission. If permission is refused, you will receive a notification of this and an explanation why. You can get further information from your Neighbourhood Office.

Tenancy transfer

On the death of a secure tenant, who has not already had the tenancy passed to them by someone else, the tenancy is transferred to the person eligible to succeed. A person is eligible to succeed if they lived in the home as their principal home at the time of the tenant’s death and must be the tenant's spouse or civil partner.

If there is no spouse or civil partner, the tenancy can be transferred to a member of the tenant's family, who has lived with the tenant for 12 months before the tenant's death.

The tenant's husband, wife or civil partner will be chosen over any other member of the family.

If a tenant is leaving their tenancy permanently and has not succeeded to that tenancy, they may apply to assign it to a member of their family. That person must have lived with them for the past 12 months. Contact your Neighbourhood Officer for further information.

Keeping a pet

You must not keep any animal which we consider dangerous or a nuisance, but no permission is needed to keep a dog or cat if you live in a house or bungalow.

You are not allowed to keep a dog or cat if you live in a flat or maisonette which has shared areas or a shared entrance. There may be special circumstances if you have an assistance dog.

You must get written permission from your Neighbourhood Office. If you keep a dog or cat without permission you are breaking your tenancy conditions and we may take action against you.

Fitting a satellite dish

If you live in a tower block you will already have access to a communal dish. You are not allowed to fit your own dish to this type of property.

In any other home you must get written permission from your Neighbourhood Team.

Keeping your garden tidy

It is your responsibility to keep your garden and hedges well maintained and tidy. Trees and hedges must not block public footpaths or interfere with neighbours' properties. 

We may be able to arrange help for tenants who have difficulty maintaining their garden. Please contact your Neighbourhood Team for further advice.

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