Each year Sheffield City Council provides 2 weeks to customers where no rent is charged.

This year the weeks start on:

  • Monday 18 December, and
  • Monday 25 December

If you have fallen behind with paying your rent, please continue to pay as usual, so that you can catch up on your debts and give yourself the best possible start to 2018.

Change to Council Sort Code from Monday 13 November 2017

If you use online banking to pay us please update the bank account information you hold for us.

Our new sort code is 20-77-18. All other details remain the same.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your rent and other charges. The easiest way for yourself and for us is to collect rent direct from your bank account. This means that payments will not be missed and arrears can be paid off as soon as possible. However, there is a wide choice of methods so please choose the best and most convenient one for you.

Pay by Direct Debit

This is the most convenient way to pay and will automatically change whenever your rent does. (We will write to you beforehand if the amount is going to change). It is also the best value for all tenants as it’s the cheapest way to collect rent and the savings we make enables us to spend more on services to tenants.

Direct Debit lets you pay your rent direct from your bank account. There is a choice of monthly dates – the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, or weekly (every Monday, Wednesday or Friday). 

This is the most convenient way to pay and will automatically change whenever your rent does (we will write to you beforehand if the amount is going to change).

You can download, complete and send us the Direct Debit form. If you need help, call us or visit any Area Housing Office or First Point. Direct Debit is available by contacting us by telephone or visiting any Area Housing Office or First Point. 

Standing Order

You can pay by Standing Order via your bank. Contact us by telephone or contact your local Area Housing Office or First Point for an application form.

Pay online with a credit or debit card

One-off payments can be made with a Debit Card online. You will need:

  • your credit or debit card
  • your 14 digit rent reference number


You can contact us by telephone to pay with a Debit/Credit Card. 

You can also call the Automated Payment Line on 0114 273 5249 (choose option 2 when prompted), 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will need your 14 digit rent reference number to make the payment.

At Post Office® & PayPoints

With a rent payment card you can pay at At Post Office® and PayPoints. No charge is made for paying through any of these.

Customers now have a payment bar code printed on all standard rent letters. If you do not have a payment card/are waiting for one to be provided you can use your letter to pay at any Post Office and PayPoint. The bar code is at the top of the letter.


If you want to make payment by cheque, you will need to use a main Post Office only.

Salary or wage deduction

Salary or wage deduction is another option if you work for certain employers, such as Sheffield City Council, the Fire Service or Police. Contact us by telephone for details.

Help paying your rent

If you're struggling to pay rent please contact us and we can look at:

  • an affordable arrangement in order to reduce your arrears
  • Housing Benefit – if you are eligible we can help you claim. If you have it, to ensure it is being paid at the right amount. We will also check it is for the right period and try to reduce any Housing Benefit overpayment and clawback 
  • a Discretionary Housing Payment if you are not getting full Housing Benefit (but are getting some)

We can also offer practical help and support with budgeting and debts, to maximise your income to ensure you are getting all you are entitled to:

  • referring you for specialist advice where needed – this could help reduce your outgoings 
  • helping you sustain your tenancy

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