At the start of each year, we review your rent for the coming year. In line with the Government's Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016, the Council has approved a rent decrease of 1% to be applied from 2 April 2018. 

How rent is worked out

Most council rents are social rents which, for individual properties, are set in accordance with a Government formula. The formula is based on a property valuation, the number of bedrooms and average income in South Yorkshire.

A very small number of council rents are Affordable Rents. Affordable Rent is up to 80% of the market/private rent for equivalent property in an area. It is higher than social rent and was brought in by the Government in 2010 to provide social landlords with financial capacity to deliver new affordable homes.

Changes to other charges

Other changes from Monday 2 April 2018 agreed by the Council are:

  • a single rate for garage rents of £9.35 per week for a garage plot and £2.10 per week for a garage site will be applied to new garage tenancies from April 2018 and to existing garage tenancies once improvements have been made to existing garage sites and plots
  • the community heating unit charges will remain unchanged for 2018-19
  • no increases to burglar alarms or service charges for furnished and sheltered accommodation
  • water charges (for Yorkshire Water customers) will be shown on the second rents letter you will receive. A leaflet from the water company providing further information will be sent separately
  • if you receive your water charge from Severn Trent then they will collect this directly from 1 April 2018, rather than it being included with your weekly rent. You should have already received a letter informing you of this, and further information will be provided

If you pay by Direct Debit

If you pay your rent by Direct Debit, we will automatically inform your bank of the new amount that is payable. You will receive a notification letter from us advising you of any change to the Direct Debit amount at least 2 weeks prior to the change:

  • if you pay by weekly Direct Debit, the amount debited will change either: Friday 13, Monday 16 or Wednesday 18 April 2018, depending on which day you pay
  • if you pay by monthly Direct Debit on the 19th to 28th of each month, the amount debited will change on your payment date in April 2018
  • if you pay by monthly Direct Debit on the 1st to 18th of each month the amount debited will not change until your payment date in May 2018

Any adjustment for April will be collected through your remaining payments between May 2018 and March 2019.

If you pay by Standing Order

If you pay your rent by Standing Order, please inform your bank of the new amount as soon as possible.

Help & advice

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, or struggling to pay your rent, then there is support available. We can provide help and advice on your money matters, as well as discussing your new rent payments with you. 

Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan Update 2018-19

A rent reduction of 1% was approved by Council in February 2018 as part of the HRA Business Plan 2018-19.

The Business Plan report is available to read and can be downloaded. Please contact us on 0114 273 4567 if you would like the Business Plan in another format.