Each year we produce an Annual Report which looks back on our performance over the last year and outlines what we’re planning to do next. 

As with previous years, customers have again helped us produce the report, scrutinising its content, design and choosing a theme that links to our city.

The 2016-17 report celebrates Sheffield's long history with the love of football. We've included a few football related quiz questions and a children's colouring competition that will net a young winner two tickets to a Sheffield United home game. 

Please contact the Communications Team if you have any comments or feedback about this annual report or would like to help produce the next one.

Our promise

Customers have helped us develop a set of 'Service Promises' for each area of our work, such as repairs or rents. These spell out what you can expect from us when we provide services and because customers have been heavily involved in developing them, we hope they reflect what is important to you.

Tenants are now working with us to monitor these Service Promises. We have a range of partnership groups across all of our service areas, which you can join if you want to get involved.

Each partnership group receives a twice yearly report on a range of performance and customer satisfaction information against the promises.

Our performance

Sheffield City Council is committed to providing excellent homes and housing services. We work closely with customers to constantly improve the way we work.  We monitor our performance, in a range of different ways. This could be through customer surveys or by using information about the enquiries we handle.  

Customer satisfaction surveys

We regularly carry out customer satisfaction surveys to find out what you think about the services we provide.  We value your opinions and use the findings to identify what we are doing well and where improvements can be made to our services.

Viewpoint, a community enterprise organisation, carries out our surveys.  They telephone 300 customers a month who have been picked at random and ask them to rate services on a scale from 1 to 10.

Council Housing Service

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