When you request a repair, please tell us:

  • your name
  • your address
  • your phone number
  • your property reference number (from your rent voucher book)
  • what and where the repair is
  • when someone can call to do the repair  

Emergency Repairs

If you smell gas you should immediately contact National Grid Gas on 0800 111999.

Report online

You can report a repair and make an appointment online, you need to have registered for this service before you can use it.

To use our online rent balance service you will need your username and password.

By phone

As soon as you notice that your home needs a repair, please call our Customer Services.

How long repairs will take

Emergency repairs will take 4 hours. These include works to burst pipes, gas leaks and total electrical failure.

Urgent repairs will take 24 hours, which include works to heating breakdowns where you have no other form of heating, replacement door locks and blocked drains. 

Appointable repairs can take up to 25 days. Repairs will be completed as soon as possible by appointment. You can choose from four 2-hour appointment slots – two in the morning and two in the afternoon.

  • 8am to 10am
  • 10am to 12.00pm
  • 12.30pm to 2.30pm
  • 2.30pm to 4.30pm

These include works to loose fitting doors and windows, leaking guttering, loose floor boards, a light or electric socket not working. If none of the slots above are convenient for you, please still call us to order your repair and we will do everything we can to arrange a suitable time.

Please make sure you are at home at the appointment time. If you are not, the job will be cancelled. You will then have to call us again to reorder the repair.

Planned work can take up to 55 days. This is for jobs that need planning due to the nature of the work required. These include manufactured items like external doors and windows or where large amounts of plastering are required. We will contact you with a suitable appointment.

Arranging your own repairs

For certain types of repairs you can arrange to have the work carried out yourself if:

  • you have ordered a repair 
  • the value of the repair is less than £250
  • the repair has not been completed in the time promised
  • you use a contractor on the Council's approved contractor list

The Repairs and Maintenance leaflet tells you how you can go about giving a notice of claim and includes a form for doing this.

After giving us your notice of claim, you can get an approved contractor to do it for you unless:

  • the repair is done
  • you receive a letter denying your Right to Repair. This letter should be sent within 10 working days (or 5 days if the repair should have taken a week or less).

Will I get charged for repairs?

Generally no, but if the damage was caused by a tenant, family member or visitor, the Council Housing Service will recharge the tenant for the repairs.

You should go to your local Area Housing office and sign the recharge form which confirms your agreement to pay the cost of the repair.

Can I claim for damage caused to my home by a repair fault?

You must make sure the contents of your home are adequately insured as the Council Housing Service or City Council will not compensate you for unexpected damage caused to fittings or personal possessions when the Council Housing Service or Council is not at fault.

If a worker causes damage to your possessions when carrying out a repair, you should make a written claim to your Area Housing Office giving full details about how and when the damage was caused.

When the Council Housing Service carries out major work to your home which spoils decorations (for example, modernisation or extensive re-plastering), you may be able to claim money to help redecorate, this is called a decoration grant.

Can I claim compensation for improvements I've made to a property when I leave?

The decision to pay compensation, and the amount, will depend on how long ago the work was done, the quality of the work/materials, and its current condition. An inspection will be carried out to assess these factors.

You will need to show that the Council or Council Housing Service gave written permission before you carried out the work. Checks will be made to ensure that the work was not part or fully funded by grants. If you carried out the work yourself, consideration will only be given to the cost of materials (not labour, time, loss of income etc). You cannot claim for improvements costing less than £50.

Repairs to communal areas

We are responsible for repairing and maintaining areas that people share in and around a block of flats or maisonettes.

This responsibility includes:

  • clothes drying places
  • access staircases and walkways
  • landscaping
  • paths
  • garden walls
  • access doors
  • exterior parts of the building, like the roof and walls
  • service roads
  • estate paths
  • turning areas
  • garage sites

What should I do if I'm not happy with the quality of a repair?

We are committed to providing good quality, value for money services in an efficient and courteous way. We welcome comments from our tenants; your complaints, praise and suggestions help us see how we are doing - and find ways to improve services. We want to hear from you! So please tell us if you are unhappy with the quality of a repair, or with the way you were treated when the repair was arranged or carried out.

You can do this in person at any of our First Point reception points or by telephone, you can also email us.

We will acknowledge your comments in writing, and give you a reference number.

If you have made a complaint, we will respond within 28 days, telling you what we are going to do to put it right.

If your complaint is complex and we are not able to respond in full within 14 days, we will let you know what is happening.

Can I get help with little jobs in my home?

If you are a tenant and you are 60 years old or over, disabled, or suffer from severe health problems our free Handyperson service can help you with jobs such as:

  • fixing curtain rails
  • fitting shelves
  • checking smoke alarms
  • hanging pictures, mirrors, clocks and so on
  • moving furniture within the home
  • securing carpets or trailing wires
  • assembling small pieces of flat pack furniture

These are just a few examples of the things we can do, so it’s always a good idea to ask us if we can help. We can also do some minor communal repairs. We are not able to help with wallpapering.

It’s a good idea to avoid phoning us on Monday mornings, typically that’s when we’re getting most of our calls, so by ringing on another day you will get through to us quicker.