Register a food business

If you want to run a food establishment in Sheffield you will need to register it with us. It is a criminal offence to operate an unregistered food premises.

Mobile food units should also be registered with us if they are kept in Sheffield overnight.

You can register online or download the forms from our Supporting Documents and Information.

Please note there is no charge for registration.

Who must register

  • Food establishments
  • Market stalls
  • Delivery vehicles and other moveable structures
  • Charitable / non-profit organisations
  • Seasonal businesses

When to register

  • 28 days before opening a new business
  • Change of ownership
  • Change of business address or name
  • Change to the nature of the business

Business Assessment 

On registering we will assess your business and determine the level of risk.

  • High risk businesses would include cafes, restaurants, takeaways and catering facilities and would be inspected on a regular basis
  • Low risk businesses would include corner shops for example and we may ask you to complete a self-assessment

Apply for food business premises approval

If your business manufactures or handles food of animal origin, such as dairy, fish or meat, your business may need to be formally approved by us.

It is important that these types of food premises go through an approval process to ensure additional requirements are met for public safety. This is a requirement under European legislation.

Premises which require approval from us:

  • meat processing plants
  • meat preparation plants
  • minced meat processing and mechanical separation plants
  • cold stores

There are some exceptions to the requirement for approval for example some businesses have retail sales from the premises. However you still need to register your food business with us.

Application process and timescales

There is no fee to apply.

Please pay special attention to Section 9 of the form which requires specific information to be provided to us.

Once your application has been submitted an officer will be in contact with you and arrange to visit you at your premises within 28 days of receipt.

Our officer will look in depth at your application and discuss any further work you need to do in order to comply with the regulations.

There are 3 possible outcomes with an application for approval:

  • grant a full approval
  • conditional approval
  • approval rejected

If a business is given a conditional approval it means it does not fully comply with the requirements of food law. A further visit must be carried out within 3 months of the conditional approval to re-assess the business.

We will notify you in writing of the outcome, including any conditions or limitations on your approval.

A conditional approval may be extended, but would be restricted to a maximum of 6 months from the date of the initial approval.

You will be given a unique approval number which will make up part of the identification mark that you will need to apply to your products.


A food business operator has the right to appeal to the Magistrates Court against our decision to grant conditional approval, or to refuse approval within 1 month of the serving of the notice.

Rights of appeal are subject to Regulation 12 of the Official Feed and Food Controls (England) Regulations 2007.

We are a part of the European network for delivering information relating to doing business in the European Economic Area. For full information on the EU Services Directive and Points of Single Contact for other member states from the European Commission.


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