What we do

We give health and safety advice to:

  • workers
  • businesses
  • members of the public

What our advice covers

  • accidents
  • asbestos
  • cooling towers
  • health and safety legislation
  • licensed premises
  • skin piercing
  • smoke-free
  • sunbed safety


We try to ensure that health and safety standards are met, for both the workforce and members of the public when visiting premises and events such as:

  • retail outlets
  • wholesale warehouses
  • office accommodation
  • leisure facilities
  • catering establishments
  • football grounds
  • music events

The Health & Safety Executive

The Health & Safety Executive deal with other work places such as:

  • manufacturers
  • construction
  • fairgrounds
  • agricultural premises
  • medical facilities
  • local government buildings

Health & Safety at Work legislation

The main legislation covering health and safety in all workplaces is the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and regulations made under the Act.

Advice for workers

All employees at work are entitled to a safe and healthy environment.

Concerned about working conditions

If you are concerned about general working conditions we recommend that you initially take this up with your manager, the owner of the business or an employee health and safety representative if there is one appointed.

Having done this and no action is taken or the response to your complaint is poor you can:

  • contact us
  • ask us a question online
  • make a formal complaint

If we do investigate your concerns we will ensure that this is done maintaining confidentiality of your details.

Advice for businesses

We aim to provide free advice on health and safety to Sheffield businesses who request it.

Please contact us or ask a question online.

Advice for the public

The Health and Safety at Work Act applies mainly to work activities by employees and the safety of members of the public at work places, this includes shops, public buildings and leisure facilities.

If you believe you are (or have been) exposed to any serious risk as a member of the public posed by a work place you can:

  • contact us
  • contact the Health and Safety Executive
  • ask us a question online
  • make a formal complaint

Health Protection

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