Land for sale:

  • Danewood Avenue/Castlebeck Avenue (Custom Build)
  • Manor Top
  • Wordsworth Avenue/Buchanan Road

Sites listed as 'Custom Build' have been identified as suitable for custom build housing development as part of our project to promote more of this type of housing in the city.

Danewood Avenue/Castlebeck Avenue

Situated close to the A57 and Sheffield Parkway intersection to the East of the City Centre, the site is well located for the road and motorway network.

The property was formerly developed, but is currently vacant and laid to grass which slopes gently but significantly down from the road frontage. To the rear, the boundaries extend behind the adjacent homes at which point the grass gives way to self-set shrubs and trees.

The site boundary is unmarked to the south but is formed by the boundary of the electricity substation and extends to the east on a similar line. The site measures approximately 1,880 square metres and is considered to be suitable for the development of 4 to 6 dwellings, subject to planning.


All mains services are understood to be available. Any future purchaser will be responsible for ascertaining their actual position ensuring that the services requirements of the proposed development can be met.

The ultimate developer will be responsible for the diversion of existing services on the site.

Key planning & urban design principles

The site designated as informal open space in the UDP, but its loss could be acceptable under the appropriate open space policy CS47 (f (ii)).

The property is considered suitable for housing but the purchaser should make their own enquiries with the Local Planning Authority as to the particular development.

Access would be acceptable onto both road frontages.

A tree survey will be required as a part of a planning application, as will a phase 1 and 2 site investigation to deal with the potential contamination from the previous development of the site.

Soak-away testing will be required to assess the site’s potential for the use of Sustainable Urban Drainage techniques.

CIL will be chargeable at £30/m2 of development.

Should you require further planning information, please email or direct any specific planning enquiries to Vicky Penn on 0114 273 4992.

We, as landowner will favour uses that are in alignment with planning policy, but no formal advice has been produced for the site.

Principal terms

We invite offers for the freehold of the site.

The selected purchaser will have the opportunity to purchase the site on the following basis:

We invite written offers for the freehold interest in the property. Offer forms can be obtained with full property particulars from the contacts below.

A deposit of 10% of the total agreed purchase price will be payable upon exchange of contracts.

Upon legal completion of the sale the balance of the purchase price will be payable. In addition the purchaser will be required to pay the buyer’s premium amounting to 3% of the purchase price or a minimum of £500 whichever is the highest.

Manor Top

The site commands a high profile location on one of the busiest roads in Sheffield fronting the main A6102 Prince of Wales Road and comprises a former housing site which has been wholly demolished. The site has the advantage that it is flexible in terms of size and shape and it occupies a prominent plot. We are seeking offers for the long lease of the 6.2 acre site.

Approximately 72,000 people currently live within 1.5 miles of Manor Top although over 80% of these people carry out their food shopping outside the area. Around 1,700 new homes are planned to be built within 1.5 miles of Manor Top over the next 10 years. The cleared land to the east of the subject site is to be developed out for private housing for sale and rent with a start on site 2016/17.

The volume of traffic which passes through Manor Top, currently standing at 50,000 vehicles per day, offers additional commercial advantages to any operator looking at opportunities for expansion. As one of the most accessible locations in the city, Manor Top is on the Supertram network with a dedicated tram stop, has 16 bus services and is easily accessible from the motorway network.

Key planning & urban design principles

A Planning Brief is available on request. The brief sets out the opportunities and parameters for enabling proposals to be delivered, explaining that the Core Strategy promotes the expansion of Manor Top generally, and that the site is at the edge of the shopping centre and therefore suitable for expansion.

The site is adjacent to the new Prince Edward School which is to the south of the site.

It is envisaged that the commercial development will demonstrate strong links to the existing District Centre both in terms of pedestrian access and its prominence of occupation on the south west area of the site (primarily the Prince Edward School site).

It should be noted that the development will be required to connect into off-site surface water drainage in the nearby green space of Woodthorpe Ravine.

Wordsworth Avenue/Buchanan Road

The 3,600 sq metre site is ideally suited to smaller format retail and commercial uses and is prominently placed opposite a newly built Library Learning centre and the Chaucer Business and Enterprise College.

The land is a cleared and levelled site with retail units to the east and residential property to the south. An electricity sub- station occupies a small area of the site to the south and the land will be sold subject to the lease of this property. 


All mains services are understood to be available. Any future purchaser will be responsible for ascertaining their actual position ensuring that the services requirements of the proposed development can be met.

Key planning & urban design principles

An informal planning and design advice note has also been prepared, which can be viewed on the Planning Advice on Specific Sites.

In summary, we aim to formally complete the sites allocation as a District Shopping centre within the next few months.

The preferred use of the site under this allocation will be retail but other uses may also be acceptable including, but not limited to, A2 financial and professional services, A3 restaurants and cafes, A4 Drinking Establishments, (A5) Hot Food takeaways.

In terms of site planning matters, developers' attention is drawn to the trees and green space in the north west corner having some planning merit, and the opportunities for accessing and egressing the site via a one way system.  

Please direct any specific planning enquiries to Matthew Gregg, Area Planning, who can be contacted on telephone 0114 273 4889 or by email at

Site investigations

The eventual purchaser will be required to undertake the appropriate site investigations including intrusive ground investigation, topographical, and drainage surveys.

Further details & viewing arrangements

For further information please contact:

Janita Brown
Telephone 0114 205 3447

Property Services Support Desk
Telephone 0114 273 5621


No information contained on this page or any other written or oral information made available to any interested party or its advisers shall form the basis for any warranty, representation or term of any contract by ourselves with any third party.

This informal officer guidance provides general planning advice for prospective developers. It is informal advice and is given without prejudice to any decision made in formal determination of a planning application.

We reserve the right not to follow up this invitation in any way and/or withdraw from the selection process at any stage and no expense incurred by any person in responding to the invitation and preparing an expression of interest will be reimbursed.

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