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Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone

Policy for granting business rate relief

This policy identifies the circumstances in which the rating authority will grant Business Rate relief to occupiers of non-domestic properties located within the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone.

Applications for Business Rate relief will be determined where the company demonstrates that they will contribute positively to the vision of the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone.

The vision

… “to build on Sheffield City Regions significant credentials and strengths in advanced manufacturing and materials to develop a Modern Manufacturing and Technology Growth Area".

In order to maintain the stated vision, the SCR Enterprise Zone will focus on attracting, securing and accelerating investment in a number of key sectors/sub-sectors (or target sectors).

Target sectors

The target sectors fall within the following broad categories:

  • Modern Manufacturing
  • Creative and Digital Industries
  • Healthcare Technologies
  • Low Carbon and Environmental Goods and Services

Read about Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone.

Business rate relief zones

Businesses that occupy property in the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone are eligible for relief of up to 100% of the Business Rates payable, up to the value of £55,000 per year and to a maximum of £275,000 in any 5 year period so long as:

  • the business is located within the defined boundary of the Enterprise Zone; and
  • the business is registered to pay national non-domestic rates before 3 March 2015; and
  • the business is not currently occupying business premises within the Enterprise Zone boundary.

Download the map showing the Business Rate Relief zones.

Supporting the zone's objectives

When applying for the relief, occupiers will need to demonstrate how their business supports the objectives of the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone.

We will expect occupants to demonstrate their involvement in the sectors targeted by the Enterprise Zone, and provide appropriate evidence. For those businesses:

  • already located in the Enterprise Zone prior to 1 April 2012, or
  • already located within another area of the Sheffield City Region

Granting relief

A Business Rate relief may be granted where the applicant can demonstrate that their occupation of premises in the Sheffield City Region Enterprise Zone supports the objectives of the Enterprise Zone, and seeks to achieve one or more of the following during the 5 year period in which the Business Rate discount may be payable:

  • occupation of larger business premises; or
  • a considerable increase in the permanent workforce of the business; or
  • a substantial increase in the turnover of the business; or
  • a re-location to support another organisation also located within the Enterprise Zone (eg to reduce transport activity or to further the achievement of the aims of the Enterprise Zone).

Download an application form below. Please ensure that you carefully read the guidance notes attached to the form.

If you believe you qualify for relief, your completed application should be submitted to us at the address shown on the form. Applications will be considered on an individual basis in relation to this policy and will normally be determined within one month of receipt. Our decision will be notified to the occupier in writing.

The Business Rate Relief sites are also covered by a Local Development Order, a simplified approach to dealing with planning applications.


In circumstances where an application for Business Rate relief has been declined, the applicant may appeal for the decision to be reconsidered.

Appeals should be made to us in writing no later than 3 months after the date of determination.

Contact City Centre Management

Moor Markets Management Suite
77 The Moor

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